Professional Timing Systems

The wide range of Microgate products satisfies practically all timing requirements in the various sporting disciplines. In the professional sector, Microgate collaborates with many sports federations and with important teams in the timing sector, both national and international, supplying its products and technical assistance.

Main Products

Rei2 Chronometer

REI2 is a professional chronometer of innovative conception which makes it possible to satisfy all timing requirements in the various sporting disciplines.

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Racetime2 Chronometer

Thanks to its small size and anatomic shape, Racetime2 is easy and practical to use. The function keys and the guide messages on the alphanumeric display provide a simple user-instrument interface so learning to use it takes only a short time. As well as allowing professional timing of all sports competitions, thorough testing in the field has shown Racetime2 to be the ideal instrument to fully satisfy needs in preparing for competitive sport (training, materials testing, etc.).

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Radio Systems

Completely innovative in concept, the LinkGate radio transmission system is a state-of–the-art device for wireless transmission of timing signals. The system consists of a very small Encoder (for the transmission of impulses) which can be connected to any gate, photocell or device with a normally open contact, and a Decoder (receiving device).

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The new Microgate reflection photocell Polifemo is outstanding for its attractive design, which was conceived to meet the requirements of accident-prevention safety norms. Its unique optical design guarantees a high range and greater accuracy of measurement. Special optical and electronic features guarantee maximum reliability also in poor external light conditions.
The Polifemo photocells are available in normal format or with the embedded LinkGate radio transmission system.

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Graphic and alphanumeric Displayboard

Time as a show: this is the philosophy that has guided Microgate in the design and creation of the MicroTab and MicroGraph series of modular displayboards. The MicroTab series, with nine alphanumeric characters and light chassis, is the right choice for those looking for ease of handling and transport. MicroGraph, with its powerful graphic potentialities, is the right choice for those who want to offer the greatest show.

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Photofinish and Lynx products

Microgate is the italian distributor of the Lynkx USA products, that have shown themselves to be a highly innovative solution for results acquisition and transmission requirements at sports events, and has rapidly become a standard in the sector.
FinishLynx and IdentiLynx cameras with their management softwares, allow the complete management of races and competitions and the processing of data with the relative display of result.

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Start Systems

The correct acquisition of the start must be guaranteed. Microgate products meet the specific requirements of the various sports with products of very high quality, both for the acquisition of the event and communication with the athlete.
Start gate, Starting gun, transducers, touch sensitive pads, pressure sensors, start light, beeper and switches build a complete range of products for the start management.

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